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Are there any good DBs out there with the barest minimum defined? Mostly
the player class, object class, and all the login stuff. I am tired to
death with the bugs that I am finding strewn about, mainly caused by the
interation between the Lambda Server 1.8.0 and the LambdaCore. I also just
followed the advice of a person that thought they knew how to fix some of
the callers() thing, and had my stuff mangeled beyond repair. Maybe I fill
up your mail-boxes with questions, but at least you guys are the ones that
are actually any good at this, and maybe I can learn something from you...
It is not going to help the blind (one group of newbies) to lead the blind
(another group of newbies), or we'll all end up smashing our stuff on the
same cleft of rock.

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"Changes can be good, or they can be bad, but it is best to come up with
them yourself so that you don't end up having to be civil to someone else."
-- Me

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