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Re: DBs

At 08:39 PM 3/14/96 PST, Hans Friedrich-- wrote:
>Are there any good DBs out there with the barest minimum defined? Mostly
>the player class, object class, and all the login stuff. I am tired to
>death with the bugs that I am finding strewn about, mainly caused by the
>interation between the Lambda Server 1.8.0 and the LambdaCore. I also just
>followed the advice of a person that thought they knew how to fix some of
>the callers() thing, and had my stuff mangeled beyond repair. Maybe I fill
>up your mail-boxes with questions, but at least you guys are the ones that
>are actually any good at this, and maybe I can learn something from you...
>It is not going to help the blind (one group of newbies) to lead the blind
>(another group of newbies), or we'll all end up smashing our stuff on the
>same cleft of rock.

I think it's about time someone told you that you need more experience with
MOOs.  You have been constantly posting to the mailing list with one-line
questions for things that (in my opinion) all ArchWizards should know.
Re-read the prorammer's manual, re-read the FAQs, and ask, once all other
sources have failed to answer.  I suggest finding your favorite LambdaCore
MOO, getting a programmer's bit, and asking the heck out of all the users
there.  Learn the ins and outs, perhaps some politics too, and then try to
get a wizard bit.  Once you are able to do this, THEN you have the knowledge
to start your own MOO.  I went through 4 wizard bits and a very good tutor
before starting my first LambdaCore MOO.  It took me four crashes and
another wizard bit before I could even THINK that I could use something
'minimal' .. ie, minimal.db.

Of course, you should also realise that all those bugs bother you, wouldn't
if you didn't stumble across them, so it's just a matter of preference:
buggy object or no object at all.

- Kipp
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