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Re: DBs

>Are there any good DBs out there with the barest minimum defined? Mostly
>the player class, object class, and all the login stuff. I am tired to
>death with the bugs that I am finding strewn about, mainly caused by the
>interation between the Lambda Server 1.8.0 and the LambdaCore.

Until the next Core generation (1.8-friendly), it might be worthwhile to
run your MOO using LambdaMOO0-1.7.9p2.  Once you're comfortable with the
way MOO works, you can upgrade (perhaps by that time someone will have
documented in English the bugs one might find during an upgrade, and how
in general to fix them).

>Maybe I fill up your mail-boxes with questions, but at least you guys are
>the ones that are actually any good at this, and maybe I can learn
>something from you...

Some of the questions you're asking have nothing to do with MOO.  It's not
the role of the MOO hackers to guide you as you build your RPG, to advise
you about how magic should work.  You need to have some consideration for
the people -- the -many- people -- you're asking these questions to.

>It is not going to help the blind (one group of newbies) to lead the blind
>(another group of newbies), or we'll all end up smashing our stuff on the
>same cleft of rock.

I'd like once again to invite you to NewbieMOO -- 8888.  It's
a space for experimental programming, for people to learn from each other.
(Yes, this is also an invitation for experienced hackers to come and hang out
and be available as a resource.)

>Another thing, you guys have a winners attitude, with the guts to chew on
>me for asking dumb questions or disregarding the list's purpose. I tried
>moo-calves, and they just didn't don't do quite the Right Thing...

It's a question of consideration.  I have -no- interest in RPG, in RPG design,
and limited time to help people who ask questions which are clearly answered
in the Programmer's Manual.  You need to do -some- work yourself, and consider
the audience you're speaking to.  If you need RPG design suggestions, there
are probably groups of people interested and willing to help.  But this isn't
the list and you shouldn't be surprised that some people lose patience.

Seth / Blackbriar
Seth I. Rich -
                                 There is nothing more precious than
Rabbits on walls, no problem.    a tear of true repentance.

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