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For those that own a Paradigm Core, I think it would be best if you started
from the new core.  I redid much on the recent version, and it would mean
less work for us if I didn't have to do all the changes again to your core.
They're too complex to be automatically updated (especially weapon stats...
requires human judgement)  If anyone has a core too big to be restarted,
privately email me...

I think I should/should have waited on giving the core out.  It is very
incocmplete, but the pace has almost tripled, and it should be finished much
sooner than I expected.  If you still want to get the new core, use the
core-updater and risk major changes, that's OK, I'll still mail ya the core.
There is now also an ArchWiz FAQ available.  If ya have the time, you can
read through the changes I've made lately, beyond my signature.

- Kipp
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MOO projects:
  Breakthrough MOO project: 5000
  MOO2000:          2000
  MundoHispano:     8888

New release of the Paradigm Core:
The core is less than 300K.  If you want a copy, mail me with the address
you will start the MOO with, and I'll mail you the uncompressed, ZIPped, Z
or gz'd core.  I want to keep a list of sites since there will be a way to
update the core without starting over, and there is a network MOOs can
connect with.  The core MUST run on 1.8.0 or better.

Core's features:

- Very simple, optional MUD-like in-db parsing.
    (Create a tnt +x verb, and add that verb to the object's
      .parser_verbs property)
- Multi-line login with prompts.  It also works with clients that
    for some reason send 2 CR's, 2 LF's or CRLF.
- Automatic player configuration, asking gender, race, and class upon
    creation. (Look at the verbs and properties on $local)
- 'Netdead' function.  Players do not drop their items if their client
    disconnects them.  They have 20 minutes to re-log in and find an inn
    or quit properly.
- A system task, which controls random messages and HP/MANA and enemy
- Friendly ways of telling players that something is wrong with the
    command they typed, instead of the confusing traceback.  It will also
    give them debug info to give to a god (Programmer or Wizard)
- Flexible properties... object:_property() is used instead of so that programmers may create verbs that do a better
    job at making the environment more flexible.  There is also an
    included verb that updates all obj.prop refs to obj:_prop(), for
    those that can't get the hang of it.
- Invisibility is FULLY implemented and functional, on a very flexible
    system.  There is an easy way to add other methods of stealth.
    (Edit $util:is_invis)
- Property based exits, locks and doors. (Is this a feature or a bug?)
- Safe color codes that work with word wrap.  (Thanks to DarkOwl for
    helping me out on some of this code)
- Fast, induvidual pronoun substitution so that the recieving objects can
    decide if they 'see' something or not, because of invisibility.
    Similar to $you:pronoun_sub's behavior.
- Pronoun substitution also suppourts width formatting;
    If given this string:  "%8w%N"
    Everyone else sees:  "Kipp    "
             Kipp sees:  "You     "
- Optional multi-line list of a room's contents.
- Lambda's $gender_utils (Is this OK lambda people?) -- Many genders
- *** The help is functional, but incomplete.
- Generic Banker, Receptionist (Innkeeper) and guild.
- $recycler.  Does a better job of keeping max_object() low.
- Fully functional network utility for connecting to other MOOs in
    branches.  Users may do a 'who' of remote MOOs, and talk to
    people elsemoo.  (Look at $network and :connect(site[,port]))
- Personal command aliases. (See 'help alias')
- Default weapons 'fists' 'teeth' and 'hoof'.  (dragon stuff coming too)
- Customizeable prompts
- Very intelligent 'say' verb; say <msg> to <player>
- Builtin chat channels:  gossip, auction, newbie, immortal and wizard.
    Immortal channel for progs, and Wiz channel for wizards.
    The gossip channel is common to all MOOs on the MOO net.
- 'idea' and 'bug' commands.
- *** 'typo' and 'ask' commands will be added too.
- following and grouping
- Completely functional social verb core (look at the properties on
- Many toggleable options (type help toggle)
- *** Incomplete character-at-a-time editor (may be removed)
- *** Incomplete line-at-a-time editor (will be finished)
- Objects can transparently swap IN and OUT of memory.  (Only if FUP is
    installed.  Set $swap_objects to 1)

Alpha2 -----
- Major network enhancements; MOO cores on the network are updated

Alpha3 -----

- Classes are finished
- Easy (and similar) way to add classes and races.  Add a verb to
   $local; set_class_<classname>  and  set_race_<racename>
   then update $local.classes/races {{"classname/racename","description"},...}
- Age of objects or players may be checked.
- A verb that lets you 'consider' attacking enemies.
- SPLIT <money> evenly within your group.
- The core will automatically be updated using the MOO net.

Alpha4 -----

- Simple MOO distributing.  Users may walk through an exit, without even
   that they just switched MOOs.  No client required.  People on different MOOs
   may send messages to eachother.
- MANY fighting bugs cleared up
- Fixed bug where some verbs would end up having :_wizard() instead of .wizard
- Exits in the room description may be enabled/disabled.
- Gods may toggle wether they're playing or not.  Affects wether aggressive
   monsters attack, and if food/drink matter.  (toggle playing)
- Gods may .force <player> to do things.  The output of the command is echoed
   to the forceful god as well as the player.
- Bug with containers fixed.
- Day/night system implemented.  Weather comes soon.
- Rooms can either always be dark, or only when it's day time.
- ROOT's first login now asks things such as MOO name, address, port, etc.
- The 'playing' flag now gives gods better observational power.
   When playing is off, gods can see room or enemy flags, and are not affected
   by dark rooms or enemies.

Alpha4.9 -----

- Added copyright notice.  (sez me lawyer)
- Fixed bug where nighttime dark rooms displayed 2 descriptions.
- Fixed bug where ROOT's login occasionally wouldn't ask MOO things upon first
- Updated core to work with HEX codes -- specifically using encode_binary()
   instead of raw strings.
- Added a few immortal's informational verbs such as .cia, seniority, .age,
   .look, .show, .sweep and .find
- Players only need to enter their password once per distributed host MOO, per
   server MOO.

Alpha5 -----

- Completely rewrote wielding and wearing methods.  inventory and equipment
   are stored seperately (as are the commands 'i*nventory' and 'eq*uipment')
   YOU MUST READ 'help rpg' to see the things you must do differently to
   create weapons and equipment.
- Look_self uses expanded format, when toggled ON.
- Added a 'godlist' command.
- Added '.weapon' command to toggle equipment's weapon flag, and added
   '.peace' '.dark' '.inside' and '.outside' for modifying room flags.
- Added '.rename-exit .rexit' for renaming exits.
- Changed checkpoint message to be more informational.
- Added a hack to bf_set_verb_code, that changes all .props to :_props()
- Added line-at-a-time code to the login screen... seems to be clearing
   up all the problems that 1.8.0 caused (and 1.7.9p2 didn't)
- Reorganized most of the properties on $rpg
- Modified the attack code to work with multi-weilding
- Coins now have weight
- All offensive words spoken in the main room are converted to offensive
   politician's names.  (this is a joke, OK?  I don't necessairily
   hate theese people...  it was Scott Adams' suggestion :))
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MOO projects:
  Breakthrough MOO project: 5000
  MOO2000:          2000
  MundoHispano:     8888

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