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callers() fix

I fixed up the callers() prob with the new verb for $code_utils,
old_callers with args tnt, and then I replaced all instances of callers()
with $code_utils:old_callers(). Look at this traceback I just got, I was
told this would be fixed:

@create $wiz called Generic_Hacker
#90:moveto acceptable (this == #2), line 15:  Invalid indirection
... called from #1:accept (this == #2), line 2
... called from built-in function move()
... called from #4:@create (this == #2), line 41
(End of traceback)

Did I do something wrong? Might I have missed some step?

Hans Friedrich___________________
TerraMOO-- ArchWizard-- a.k.a. Alkanon
Japro-- Vice-ArchWizard-- a.k.a. Mitsumishi
MonkeyMOO-- Wizard-- a.k.a. iswH
"Changes can be good, or they can be bad, but it is best to come up with
them yourself so that you don't end up having to be civil to someone else."
-- Me

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