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Re: callers() fix

At 06:12 PM 3/17/96 PST, Hans Friedrich-- wrote:
>I fixed up the callers() prob with the new verb for $code_utils,
>old_callers with args tnt, and then I replaced all instances of callers()
>with $code_utils:old_callers(). Look at this traceback I just got, I was
>told this would be fixed:
>@create $wiz called Generic_Hacker
>#90:moveto acceptable (this == #2), line 15:  Invalid indirection
>... called from #1:accept (this == #2), line 2
>... called from built-in function move()
>... called from #4:@create (this == #2), line 41
>(End of traceback)
>Did I do something wrong? Might I have missed some step?
It's the callers() check in Frand's player class, as well as other stuff
$generic_editor:ok and :description.

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