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Re: Using extensions.c in 1.8.0 to Add Packages

At 2:06 3/18/96, Bruce Rafnel wrote:
>The new extensions.c, which is included in 1.8.0, is a great way of
>adding to the server in a modular way!  However to make things even
>more modular, the Makefile needs to be modified so that it "includes"
>a file which contains macros and rules for the files in extensions.c.
>Only one line needs to be added and the extensions.o rule needs to be
>modified.  I have attached an abbreviated Makefile, extensions.mak,
>and extensions.c file to show one way of doing this.

What are the consequences of not updating the Makefile ? I mean since all
the code is included and since the make end linking all the object code ?

BTW, why not including

const char *FUP_version = "1.8";
        oklog("        Using File Utilities Package version %s\n", FUP_version);

in files.c ?

You call oklog() with an identation, it will look weird unless you move
that little line in server.c :-)

BTW should you add built-in functions in extlist.c, you will have to change
extensions.c code... which is a lack of modularity :-) :-) :-)

I avoid that by doing a register function in each extension file (example
of extensions.c)

#include "bf_register.h"
#include "functions.h"
#include "log.h"
#include "storage.h"
#include "structures.h"
#include "utils.h"

#include "files.c"
/* FUP extensions */

#include "extension_list.c"
/* extra list manipulation built-in functions */

#include "extension_task_code.c"
/* eperimental woo woo */

#include "extension_e_moo.c"
/* E_MOO specific extensions  */

/* #include "extension_tecfa.c" */
/* TECFA specific extensions  */


  oklog("          (Using Patch: $server_options.bf_handler)\n");
  oklog("          (Using Patch: $server_options.enforce_bf_handling)\n");
  oklog("          (Using Patch: $server_options.huh_handler)\n");


/*  register_extension_tecfa();  */


Just my $0.02



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