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Re: Using extensions.c in 1.8.0 to Add Packages

> What are the consequences of not updating the Makefile ? I mean since all
> the code is included and since the make end linking all the object code ?

extension.o may not be rebuilt if dependent files are changed.

> BTW, why not including
> const char *FUP_version = "1.8";
>         oklog("        Using File Utilities Package version %s\n", FUP_version);
> in files.c ?

Only because the file.c was delivered this way and I didn't want to
modify this file.  The FUP directions tell you to manually put the
"FUP_version" constant in version.c and the "oklog()" call into
server.c, but I wanted to keep the manual changes localized to the
extension.c file.  Hopefully Gustavio will see this coding style and
make FUP even more modular.

> You call oklog() with an indentation, it will look weird unless you move
> that little line in server.c :-)

Yes, I was copying from the style I saw in the FUP package.  I'll
probably go back to not indenting.

> BTW should you add built-in functions in extlist.c, you will have to change
> extensions.c code... which is a lack of modularity :-) :-) :-)

Oops <blush>, I didn't notice that the listassoc() and listiassoc()
"patch" was already in 1.8.0. Thanks!

> I avoid that by doing a register function in each extension file (example
> of extensions.c)

I'll take a closer look at your example.  Right now I'm just
responding to the easy stuff.

Thanks for your comments.

Bruce Rafnel
EMail:, VMail: (415) 691-5421
The goal of Computer Science is to build something that will last at least
until we have finished building it.


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