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Re: [SERVER] proposal for extensions.c

>The reason I choose the .ext extension on extension files is so that you
>easily pick out which files are needed for the MOO to compile standard, and
>which files are extensions.  I've tested this on a few preprocessors, none
>seem to have a problem with non-standard extensions (well, ideally, they
>shouldn't).  Should prefixes (a la ext-foofunc.c) be used instead?

I would prefer ext- prefix and keeping a .c suffix, so that when you list
the content of your dir, all the files beginning with ext are together...
also it's easier for automatic filename completion some shell provides...
it's less handy with a .ext

Also, it might be a good idea to put extensions in a extension folder... er
directory :-) that would allow to easily move all the extensions when you
move from a version of the server to another... whener your extensions have
am ext prefix or suffix (yeah yeah I know cp ext-* or cp *.ext, but on some
non unix system a directory would be more handy).

Just 2 more coins.


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