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Re: [SERVER] proposal for extensions.c

ThwartedEfforts wrote:

> Extensions, usually defined as being new builtin functions, to the MOO
> server should be distributed as a single tar file.  The tar file should contain:
> 1)  a README.extension-name, telling people about the extensions.
> 2)  a file ending in .ext, which contains the C code for the extensions.
> 3)  other required header files, if necessary.

This works for me (ie, I'll probly use it for my possibly-soon to be made available set), except 
the .ext suffix.

> The reason I choose the .ext extension on extension files is so that you
> easily pick out which files are needed for the MOO to compile standard, and
> which files are extensions.  I've tested this on a few preprocessors, none
> seem to have a problem with non-standard extensions (well, ideally, they
> shouldn't).  Should prefixes (a la ext-foofunc.c) be used instead?

I think prefixes would be better.

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