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Re: Tracebacks

At 05:17 PM 3/19/96 PST, Hans Friedrich-- wrote:
>Has anybody written an traceback procedure that will identify the string
>where the problem is occuring, as well as the line? I would do this, but I
>don't know enough yet. This would be useful for things like:
>1) Finding out *which* variable is not found.
>2) Diagnosing stupid errors, like putting in to many or to few parens.
>3) Figuring out if your program is going into a loop or something.
>If there is, I would love to hear about it. If there isn't, somebody should
>write it. If they won't, then I will sometime.
Do you mean something that will go through your code and fix it for you?
That's kinda hard to do. i started a SmartCompiler project a while ago that
would do something like that, but I got too lazy to finish it so scrapped
it. Of course, you could just get other people to check your code, sometimes
they'll find something that you missed.


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