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RE: [SERVER] chparent()

>> I know that it is so with create(), but when a chparent() is done,
>> does the :initialize() verb on the changed object get called?
>> If not, why?  And, if there is no reason why this would be a
>> bad thing, I'd like to add it to the wish-list for future servers...

>I did once have a proposal (see 9/92) about the Right Thing to do with
>Summary:  Life gets easier if you view create()/recycle()/chparent() as
>a sequences of atomic
>   specialize() -- chparent to sibling, call :initialize
>   generalize() -- call :finalize, chparent to grandparent
>operations, accepting the possibility of create(), recycle(), or
>chparent() bombing out in the middle if some :initialize/:finalize
>raises an exception.  This may even be more palatable now that one can
>finally do exception handling.  

I hacked this together on OpalMOO once.  It confused enough people that
I turned it off and we went back to (mostly) vanilla chparent().  If
anyone's interested in the code (which worked when tested, but no promises),
I can make it available.

I very much like the idea of stepwise chparent()ing.

Seth / Blackbriar
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