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Re: Security

On Sat, 23 Mar 1996, Isildur wrote:

> This is to make it playable, with some kid of rules but freedom to interact.
> Also we are using a "monetary system" and some kind of player caracteristics 
> like experience, stamina, drunk degree...

> The first big doubt we have is:
> In LambdaMOO programmers manual says that only wizards can change player 
> names and objects owners... this is not true in our moo... people changes his 
> names using @rename, @set etc... and they can change parents of 
> their objects (in fact they can become builders...)
> Now players owners are themselves, is this correct?

> Should I change the f bit of #1 to off and propagate to childs?

> We want to control our moo, but now we have more than 100 users and we are 
> realizing that we are not ready at all...

What you want is a MOO without builders. Or rather, a MUD-lookalike MOO,
where Wizards are Wizards, royalties are Builders and Programmers, and the
players themselves are mere players. (I believe people in the LambdaCore
are builders when they start off, you can change that on #0 somwhere...
@list #12:create i think) 

Builder and Programmers are very powerful, they might not be able to 
alter objects, but they ARE able to alter their own. They can, for 
instance, define verbs on themselves, overriding the 'default' verb on 
the room. If you have monsters lurking around, Programmers (and maybe 
even builders) would be able to create their own, weak, but XP and GP 
loaded monsters, thereby gaining a lot for nothing :)

If you really want people to have objects or be able to program, without 
having that much power, you're gunna have to rewrite a big part of the 
Core... Maybe you should stop using Lambda and use Kips' RPG Core ? It 
has a lot of what you want, i think, and from what i've heard about it, 
you can configure it easily. Unless you want to give up trying to make 
the MOO as you want it, letting it slide into a chat-bar-thingy, you have 
to put a whole lot of time and trouble into it, especially if you don't 
want to start over with a clean core.

If you need any help, just drop a line, i might be too busy to help out 
ToryMOO (*Waves to Matt*) but i like to answer questions :)


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