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@dump work for Linux?


This weekend I was trying to do some @dump on objects on Linux 1.2.x
and couldn't get the verbs to dump.  The actual command I used was
something like this:

	@dump $myobj with create

It seemed to act like I had given it the "noverbs" option; I didn't.
I tried both 1.8.0p2 and 1.7.x servers and got the same results.  
I also tried various combinations of Chaos, Lambda Oct 94, 
Lambda Dec 95 databases and got the same results.

I know that the feature worked for me before, but it could have been
a build I did on a SunOS.  I also tried @dump on MediaMOO and it looked

Can anyone point me to a clue?



maddog's studio
Frank Crowell

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