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Re: [SERVER] optional verb call by server

> potentially undesireable "side effects".  For example move() always checks
> accept(), among other things.  One MOO that I've seen implemented the builtin
> priority_post() to move things unconditionally.  Perhaps either more
> $server_options or new, simpler builtins could be added)

For what it's worth, I wrote a trivial change to the way movement is 
handled for IdMOO.  Instead of calling WHERE:accept(WHAT) as tradition 
dictates, the builtin calls #0:accept(WHAT, WHERE), and #0:accept is 
programmed to call WHERE:accept(WHAT) normally.  I'd propose that people 
interested in de-side-effecting builtins follow that course instead of 
making an all-or-nothing server option.


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