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Re: [SERVER] optional verb call by server

--- Richard Godard wrote:
I was just thinking that now that we have the possibility to write
wrappers, it would be nice if we had the possibility to 'tell' the server
not to call the object initialize verb after creating an object, not to
call the recycle verb of an object before to recycle it and so on...

Maybe this could be done through $server_options.disable_initialize_call, ...
--- end of quoted material ---
While we are on the subject, there are several calls  that have various
potentially undesireable "side effects".  For example move() always checks
accept(), among other things.  One MOO that I've seen implemented the builtin
priority_post() to move things unconditionally.  Perhaps either more
$server_options or new, simpler builtins could be added)

hmm.  RISC-MOO coming soon?



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