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After watching this happen a few times, and now just recently to a friend 
of mine, I'd like to say a few things.

It is one thing to be helpful, and it is another thing to be a spiteful 
asshole when sending someone an answer to a question asked on this list.

helpful:  Here is the answer to your question.  or: here is where you can 
find the answer to the question you asked.

being rude:  Here is a section of your signature that tells me you are a 
moo call yourself a wizard and you don't know this?  
Everyone knows that here THIS is the way to do it..sheesh.

Granted, there is a lot of repeat questions that get sent to this list.  
But it does nothing to foster any sense of community or cooperation 
to just rant on about it...anyone who has ever read usenet knows the 
problem isn't going to go away soon.

What MIGHT be helpful is if all of the MOO documentation were in one 
location.  Right now it is spread out all over the net and unless a 
person has access to something like altavista or some search engine to 
find everything, they are left to ask their question here.  Is there any 
chance that someone would be willing to donate part of their resources to 
host all of the FAQ's (there are two, neh?), the prog manuals (yes, I 
know they are at parc) and perhaps the archives as well and any of the 
other things people have put together concerning MOO (for instance the 
VERY helpful list of stock core security holes etc)?

I will hopefully have most of this up on RiverMOO's web "stuff" when we 
get done revamping it, but if someone has a better alternative, it might 
be worth the time to put it together and save the all so short tempers on 
this list apparent frustration.

--Chris Delaney
  Barrett of RiverMOO

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