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> >know they are at parc) and perhaps the archives as well and any of the 
> >other things people have put together concerning MOO (for instance the 
> >VERY helpful list of stock core security holes etc)?
> Why not just a web page with links to all of this stuff?

I (and others) contend a more organised approach is called for. There are MOO
programmers, wizzes and potential users all over the world. For most of these
people, PARCftp is not an option, it's just too slow.

Two colleagues of mine and I have discussed the concept of a WWW virtual
library approach, with mirroring. We came to the conclusion that a bunch of sites should
carry as much of a complete archive as is possible. Yes, we know that the web is
supposed to prevent the need for this, but for most of us, the transatlantic link is a joke.
We have individually started such mirroring processes, but decided to coordinate.

We see these areas at least as important:

All the current documentation, rendered into up to date forms (ie HTML)
Tutorials, FAQs
Patch databases
MOO code repositories
Related RFCs, IETF drafts (for MIME, HTTP etc.)
Client archives
Server and Database sources

All of this needs a hundred meg or so, but what's that in terms of high blood pressure
and grey hair?

Your comments, please, with this subject line, to me and


Mike Houghton

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