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Re: what's this?

The Ex-archwizard writes:
> No reason it should have shut down, and no file either, so a 
> dump wasn't performed.
> I lost a couple hours of work, and would appreciate any help in avoiding 
> such situations in the future.

The server never shuts down *of its own accord* without trying to write a log
file.  I've only seen a few ways for this to happen:
  -- somebody executed a `kill -9' command on the server process,
  -- a bug in the operating system caused the process to be killed without
  -- your server executable is resident on an NFS file server and the server
     machine lost contact with that server while trying to swap in a page of
     the server, leaving it little choice but to kill the process without
     notification, or
  -- the machine lost power suddenly.

Good luck, and remember to make backups.



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