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what's this?

I'm running version 1.8.0p1, and had the following happen.
I'm using tinyfugue as a mu client, and was idle in my moo's socket while 
I was talking to some friends in another.
Suddenly, I see:
connection to <mymoo> closed by foreign host
I quickly tried to switch to the socket that was holding my moo, and 
since no activity had occured, no text was displayed, and in fact the 
socket wasn't in my socket list.
I had expected some kind of message to explain why it shut down. nothing.
Next, I tried to reestablish connection, and got:
connection to <mymoo> failed: getsocopt connection refused
This is what I get when the server is down.
Puzzled, I shelled out from tinyfugue and looked at the log. nothing.
No reason it should have shut down, and no file either, so a 
dump wasn't performed.
I lost a couple hours of work, and would appreciate any help in avoiding 
such situations in the future.


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