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Re: @create problem

A>>Welp, the best solution is to find out what went wrong... I do not use
>>the new core so i do not know what object #90 is, or what the moveto
>>acceptable says... I can _guess_ what the problem is though -- when
>>objects are created they are in #-1, the @create verb tries to move them
>>to the creator, and #90:moveto tries either to check a property or
>>execute a verb on the objects former location -- which is an invalid
>>object (#-1).
>Actually, no.  #90 is Frand's Player Class, and the problem has to do with
>the new callers().  I'm not sure what the change should be, however, but it
>has to do with one part of callers() returning a non-object, when the old
>callers() returned an object ref there, so when it tries to check something
>on that object, it gets E_INVIND.

The change I used was this: Change a line that looks like this:
  if (!perms.wizard && perms != this)
  if (valid(perms) && !perms.wizard && perms != this)

or maybe if perms==#-1 in case there's a verb owned by a recycled player ot

If anyone needs the verb check out my web page on it, 

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