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Re: prompts

At 6:44 PM -0800 3/1/97, Mitch Haile wrote:
>is there any way to set up a prompt *w/o* attatching it to :notify()?  i
>was thginking somehow attatching it to $do_command(), but since it's called
>before the command, it's not very feasible (i dont think)... and
>susending/forking it prolly not a good idea either..

At the end of our do_command, there is this:
20:  if ("enabled" in player.prompt_options)
21:    set_task_perms(player);
22:    fork (0)
23:      player:prompt();
24:    endfork
25:  endif

(No, that's not the extent of the system, but that's the basic bit of it)
It seems to work reasonably well, but everyone seems to find prompts
irritating, so no-one uses them.



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