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RE: prompts

I wrote a built-in some time back, called do_prompt()

Basically, it was called AFTER the players input text was processed, even if that text was blank (ie, player pressed <ENTER> only).

Perhaps somebody has it on archive.  I wrote it around the same time as the chr() and asc() patches.  If you don't find it, shout and I'll hunt it down.

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From:	Mitch Haile []
Sent:	Sunday, 2 March 1997 15:44
Subject:	prompts

is there any way to set up a prompt *w/o* attatching it to :notify()?  i
was thginking somehow attatching it to $do_command(), but since it's called
before the command, it's not very feasible (i dont think)... and
susending/forking it prolly not a good idea either..

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