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Server OP Codes

I am working on creating a graphical interface for a MOO, and to give 
myself maximum IN-DB flexibility I need to have a verb called everytime a 
prop is changed.

Has any body documented the operation of the virtual machine in the server?
Specifically how each of the OP codes used by the interpreter affect the 
stack (in RUN_ACTIV?).

I have been trying to make the interpreter call a verb defined on a 
object in the DB just before it sets the value of a property in the 
function run() in the file execute.c and retains knowledge of the verb 
calls return type. 
My attempt was only a guess as I am having trouble keeping the integrity 
of the virtual machines process stack (The below works, but the server 
WILL panic sooner or later due to the corruption of the stack).

case `OP_PUT_VAR':      /* I forget the exact OP code.. but thats close */

   Pavel's code to set a property;

Can anybody see what I was doing wrong?

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