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Re: prompts

> is there any way to set up a prompt *w/o* attatching it to :notify()?  i
> was thginking somehow attatching it to $do_command(), but since it's called
> before the command, it's not very feasible (i dont think)... and
> susending/forking it prolly not a good idea either..
> Cheers in the over-hyped space of cyber,
> -wc/Mitch, possesion of Jill Jeanblanc.
> <><telnet://>

I wrote *patches* for a prompt, and now I have (maybe) the final version,
which catches all user inputs and outputs while running the task queue
and after that runs a secondary queue for prompts.  

    -> i/o handling -> doing queued tasks -> doing do_prompt()s --|


	- Ahn

Ahn, Jin-su    				email:
School of Electrical Engineering	LambdaMOO: Deedlit(#103811)
Seoul National University, Korea


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