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new moo-cows web browsable archive

I have set up a web browsable archive for moo-cows mailing list
postings after reading several posts requesting one, and replies
saying there was none.  I already archive 4 mailing lists here using
mHonarc, so it was simple to set up another one.  I need to have the
list archiver subscribed to moo-cows in order for it to update itself
automatically.  The archive will be updated every hour on the hour by
a cron job if there were any postings to it within the last hour.

Please subscribe the archiver to moo-cows.  Its email address is:

and it may be viewed at: 

It currently has some older postings that were pre-loaded into it.
These older postings were ftp-ed to me by another moo-cows


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