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[ Re: New patch release 1.8.0p6 of LambdaMOO server and manual]

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Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 08:02:17 PST
From: (Ernie Kent)
Subject: Re: New patch release 1.8.0p6 of LambdaMOO server and manual
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Kimberly Bobrow <> wrote:

> A more substantially changed version of the server (1.9.0) is
> underway, and may appear in April.  It will be available under the
> same terms that previous versions have been distributed under, except
> that it will assert AT&T's copyright over the new material, and give
> my name and address instead of Pavel's.  I may give it a name

Can you explain AT&T's interpretation of 'the same terms'? Also, what
are the implications of the AT&T copyright according to AT&T?
I'm a bit gun-shy on this after some of the discussion concerning Xerox's
refusal to affirm or deny the terms Pavel printed on the previous versions.

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