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Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 13:55:33 PST
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Subject: Re: security
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>>>>> "A" == A TEAL <> writes:

    A> As a new wizard, commissioned to set up and run a new MOO for
    A> CAL, I'm discussing security issues with personnel who are in a
    A> position to kell the project if the security is not to their
    A> satisfaction.

    A> Their particular concern is to avoid players gaining access to
    A> the MOO server root and thence to other machines on the
    A> network.

    A> Does anyone have personal experience of this happening?  Does
    A> anyone have knowledge of this happening elsewhere?  What was
    A> done to counterract it?  Are there any references to
    A> theoretical discussions of the subject?

    A> Andrew Teal

A good reference, although rather general, is the O'Rielly book "Unix
and Internet security", or something like that.  Be sure and get the
1996 edition.  It is a yellow and white cover with black lettering,
and shows a safe on the cover.

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