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[ Re: Modiying player properties based entering any command]

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Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 11:39:46 PST
From: Brack <>
Subject: Re: Modiying player properties based entering any command
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At 07:31 AM 3/19/97 PST, Henry Hom wrote:
>How can I have LambdaMOO modify the players properties when the player
>enters any thing (i.e., <CR>)?  I have try creating the #0:do_command
>and it gives me errors and then I cannot do anything after that.
>Thanks to all that respond.
if you mess up #0:do_command, just do this:

.program #0:do_command

it's a good idea to make it !d until you know it works right.
But otherwise, you're putting it in the right place.
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