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[ Re: Modifying player properties based entering any command]

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Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 23:12:47 PST
From: Brack <>
Subject: Re: Modifying player properties based entering any command
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At 10:47 PM 3/19/97 PST, Kipp the Kidd wrote:
>I don't think Henry was looking for this... he said anything a player types,
>and players can't "type" binary.  The <CR> is really just enter, which makes
>$do_command()'s argstr to "".  Also, this eliminates any chances of using
>default parsing, if do_command wants to use it.  I can't imagine why you
>would want this done on the main login port.
you could always parse out the command and then do your own parsing or
force_input() back to the player (minding recursion of course). I did some
weird stuff like that on a test moo just to see if I can capture backspace
characters or respond to telnet "Are you there" requests... nothing
seriously useful, however.
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