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Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 16:16:19 PST
From: (Mitch Haile)
Subject: Re: MOO -> e-mail
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>        OK, I am running a MOO off my shell, I have a priveleged account but it
>isn't a ROOT account :P my sysop dude says it should be a problem but for
>some reason the stupid MOO doesn't like to send mail and open network
>connections, I think I hafta hack something, I dunno though. the network is
>active, everything is set ($network.postmaster etc) but it still doesn't
>send e-mail (it says it does but it really doesn't)

Make sure you compiled the server itself with #def outbound_network
uncommented (different from the default) in config.h, although this is
prolly set because I think not defining it returns E_PERM.  Also be sure
that your maildrop is valid and working... see if you can
;open_network_connection("localhost", $network.port), and check the log for
the attempt to connect, as well.

Regards,        <>
- -wc/Mitch       <telnet://> - canis maris
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