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Re: Problems

At 09:54 AM 4/1/96 PST, Alfredo Reino Romero wrote:
>Hello all. First of all, I want to say that I  have read the faqs :)
>The problem I have is as follows.
>I set up a MOO using the 1.7 version of the server and LambdaCore (I 
>don't have the release number right here). Yesterday I decided to upgrade 
>it to the latest version of the server (1.8). Everything is all right 
>except for three things:
>- The @examine verb works as usual except that it doesn't show the verbs 
>defined on an object, instead it gives traceback (unknown verb, line 60 
>of #6:@examine)
You need to either @prop $server_options.support_numeric_verbname_strings to
1 (didja read the changelog?) or edit the verb so it doesn't use 0-based
index strings.

>- Mailing has a problem too. When I'm @sending a message, it works fine 
>till I actually 'send' it. The mail gets sent all right, but I get 
>traceback on verb 'controls' (I don't remember the object number, but 
>it's on the editor object).

Ugh, the three problems in the core, and you've got them all. This has to do
with the new callers(). Fix $generic_editor:ok to expect invalid numbers in

>- Third. @net-who doesn't show the host name any more. Instead it 
>displays a four-digit number where the hostname should be.
Install the $string_utils:connection_hostname_bsd described in the
changelog, or if you don't have it copy the verb from another MOO that has
it fixed.

>I think that all this could come from upgrading the server and NOT 
>the core, but I'm not sure why.
>Thanks for helping a humble moo-calf.
Have you tried the MOO-Calves mailing list? Try sending to

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