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[SERVER] NIS password checking.


	I have two tiny questions, regarding NIS password checking from
within MOO. In the MetroMOO we use it, for security reasons as well as
user-comfort, because all MOO accounts are linked to a (restricted) Unix
account in the Digital City. 
	Unfortnately, in the current implementation, the NIS check is 
done in a single builtin, so if the NIS server is a tad slow (or worse, 
the server went down) the entire MOO hangs. So I want to use a 
master/slave setup like the Name-lookup mechanism, both to keep the MOO 
from lagging and to keep the MOO from crashing :-)
	Has anyone done anything like this ? Is this a stupid idea and 
should I look into non-blocking I/O ? Or 'simply' fork a new process for 
every NIS lookup, using SIGCLD/SIGCHLD to signal completion of lookup ? 
Which would be /least/ likely to crash the whole MOO ?

Thanx in advance for your time :-)

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