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Re: [SERVER] panic on suspend()

ThwartedEfforts writes:
> Apr  2 13:31:16: *** PANIC: Caught signal 10
> Apr  2 13:31:17: #71:continuous, line 19:  server panic
> Apr  2 13:31:17: (End of traceback)
> Any idea what signal 10 is?

It's `Bus Error', which means the server was trying to dereference an invalid
pointer (probably a null pointer).

> Unfortunately, the core file was useless (truncated to 512 bytes because of
> shell settings).  

Well, I took another look through the code and just couldn't see anything right
off the top.  Let me know if you catch it doing this again and can get a C
back-trace from the core file; my guess is that, in this case, that's going to
give me the answer right off.  Anyway, we can always hope so... :-)



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