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[SERVER] panic on suspend()

Apr  2 13:21:00: DISCONNECTED: Janus (#354) on port 4242
Apr  2 13:31:16: *** PANIC: Caught signal 10
Apr  2 13:31:17: #71:continuous, line 19:  server panic
Apr  2 13:31:17: (End of traceback)
Apr  2 13:31:17: PANIC-DUMPING on ...
Apr  2 13:31:17: PANIC-DUMPING: Writing 771 objects...

@program $housekeeper:continuous   this none this
16:        endfork
17:        suspend(this.testing ? 2 | this:time());
18:      endfor
19:      suspend(5);
20:      this:litterbug();
21:    endwhile

This is not the first time this happened.  Last time it happened, the line
in the traceback was also just a call to suspend.  The MOO had previously
been up for 6+ days, the last time it happened, it was up for longer. It has
since been restarted a number of times after the first time.

We are using 1.8.0p2 with stuff added into extensions.c (FUP, string stuff,
and task info stuff), but this problems seems to transcend server versions,
since the last time it happened, it was under 1.7.9.  At that time, I didn't
think anything of it, just a fluke.  When things start going wrong twice,
then I start to look closer. :)

No one was logged into the MOO at the time.

$housekeeper(#71):continuous, is, as you all know, the task that runs all
the time cleaning up after all the lazy and dirty players. :)

Any idea what signal 10 is?

I can not reproduce this.  

uname -a returns "SunOS tecfasun1 5.4 Generic_101945-32 sun4m sparc"
Unfortunately, the core file was useless (truncated to 512 bytes because of
shell settings).  

Anyway, I'm not really looking for a fix for this, since it's gonna be hard
to track down because it's unreproducable.  What I am wondering is if anyone
else has gotten anything similar.



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