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Re: MOO binaries

At 09:05 PM 4/2/96 -0600, Justin C Harris wrote:
>	Well, I just restarted my MOO with the commmand:
>./moo blah.db blah-apr2.db 8888 I just used a different db name for the
>checkpoint db. Now my problem has to do with the server log. Instead of
>it sending all the CONNECTED, DISCONNECTED, stuff to blah.log it shows up
>on my screen (while I'm logged on the moo account.) How do I set it to
>log to a file? Are you sure the restart script will work with the moo
>binary? Thanks in advance.
>					Justin Harris

That's why you need the restart script. The key part of is something like
this, which you can type from the command line:

nohup ./moo blah.db >> blah.log &


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