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Re: MOO binaries

At 06:28 PM 4/2/96 PST, Justin C Harris wrote:
> My database is about 1.5 megs.../very/ new. (that's without $spell) I ftped
>the moo binary and the db, that's two files. I made a seperate directory
>from my home dir for the moo stuff, in it was the binary and db. now
>I have a db (1.5 megs) a core file (13 megs) and the moo executable 
>(about 1 meg) I did 'tail core' and got a bunch of garbage but I could
>read one line..something about a server panic. If it's dumped the db
>into that file, how do I flush it out? The MOO hasn't crashed once nor have
>I had to restart it. Also there is no * file. there is just one db
>file, the one it's checkpointing to (*.db). 
Hm... okay first off you shouldn't be checkpointing to .db, you should
specify an outfile by doing "moo whatever.db port" (or get
the restart script) And the database can't be extracted from the core file
easily, since it's stored the way the moo has it in memory, not in a
readable .db format (I tihnk they are different).


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