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	I just started the server  using the latest version of LambdaMOO 
db.  I've also read the FAQs.  However, I still have problems with the 

1)  There is no help available on 'building', all the rest are ok.

2)  I can't edit my verbs with @edit.  It produces traceback like this 
  when I typed '@edit #61:enterfunc':

	#58:verbname_match, line 2:  Type mismatch
	... called from #58:find_verb_named, line 11
	... called from #48:parse_invoke, line 24
	... called from #49:invoke (this == #48), line 37
	... called from #6:@edit (this == #2), line 6
	(End of traceback)

3)  It won't create character for guests, giving a message like this:
	The connection is from 'yoursite' but the mail address is ''; 
	these don't seem to be the same place. Please send mail to,  with the character name you want.

I would appreciate any helpful comments from anyone.

Thanx in advance.

Have a nice day :)



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