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Re: SERVER: Verbing properties

Vijay Saraswat <>:
>When I run my code and it accesses your property, I know that
>none of your code ran ... I know that as long as my current task
>does not suspend, and I do not invoke verbs on you, the data I
>read will remain unchanged. And that I (my task) will not be
>charged excessively because you ran a big verb on my watch when I
>just wanted the value of a variable. You just read out a value
>for me, you dont compute arbitrarily. Major win for a language
>for reactive computation.

This is IMO very very serious.  I know that, given the code segment

  temp =;
  /* some random computation which
     I -know- does not suspend */ = temp;

no code AT ALL was executed besides mine.  I know that foo will continue
to exist and that it will have a bar property, and I don't need to keep
checking that the value stored there has changed.

I would argue that this is a good case for either putting property access
(property-value-setting) into a builtin (perhaps transparently), or creating
strong motivations for programmers to write to your specs.

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