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Re: SERVER: Verbing properties

--- "Seth I. Rich" wrote:
  temp =;
  /* some random computation which
     I -know- does not suspend */ = temp;
--- end of quoted material ---

Hmm. Here's an idea right off the top of my head:

I could put a flag in execute.c, that indicates whether
suspend() is allowed or not.  This way, when the property
retrieval verb is called, I cannot be suspended

As an additional bonus, the tick quota could be reduced
significantly (to 5,000, say) then restored.

The alternative is, of course, to change your way of thinking.

Remember, all -c properties are un-overrideable (I know, it wasn't
in the draft, I thought of it yesterday)  thus, if add_verb is called
with a verb name that could correspond to a -c verbed property, E_PERM is

This means some fundamental properties are stable, with their code
readily available.

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