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Re: case sensitivity with set_property_info()

At 01:43 PM 4/3/96 PST, Brack <> wrote:
>I tried to set_property_info() a property on me to rename it with the same
>name, but different cases, but it didn't seem to work: I typed in this:
>I tried this on 2 MOOs running 1.8.0p2.. shouldn't renaming a property be
>allowed to change the case on it since set_verb_info() allows you to do this.

What does it matter?  Both property searching and verb searching are case
insensitive.  But I guess it could be considered inconsistant that a verb
name shows the case, but the prop name doesn't.  I think it's a minor issue
and you should find other slightly more important things to worry about. :)


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