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Re: Changing OS

On Sat, 6 Apr 1996, Michael Smith wrote:

>         I have some moo dbs that I have been using in Linux for some time.
> I recently switched to the Win95/Dos clients since I use them for everything
> else.  The only problem is that my old dbs don't reconize my passwords.  It
> seems like the encryption key was changed.  Is there any way to hack the db
> and change this?  I cannot get into the db as a programmer and do a
> ;crypt(""), so what do I do?

I'm a bit confused.  What exactly did you change?  Did you just change 
clients (ie, moved from TinyFugue under Linux to some Win95-based MUD 
client, or similar) or did you change the way in which you were running 
the server?

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