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Re: Does the new LambdaMOO core support Web?

On Tue, 9 Apr 1996, Christopher Unkel wrote:

> (Incidentally, connecting to an FTP server really isn't practical, since 
> nobody's done the work make MOO speak the FTP language.  It would 
> probably be easier to write a daemon that spools the incoming stuff to 
> disk...)
There's a $ftp on LambdaMOO (and in the December 25th core) that will take
care of getting and putting ASCII files along with a few other things.  This
also has the added advantage of letting you access the files from other
systems, and lets the MOO store files on remote computers.  I'm not really
sure who wrote it but it seems to work nicely for things like that.  And
IMHO it's safer than using FUP (well, safer anyway, not necessarily more

Don Schwarz


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