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Re: Does the new LambdaMOO core support Web?

On Tue, 9 Apr 1996, Ray Reaux wrote:

> I am trying to keep logs of conversations in rooms.
> Would it be easier to modify a generic_db object or a news object
> to hold that information for later dumping into a file.
> Also, what object actually handles writing to files, i.e.,
> for dumping during checkpointing.  If anyone has implemented
> this or can point me to the code, that would make things easier.
> I am running on a 1.7.9p4 server.

IMHO, best thing to do is hack the say verb of the room you want to spy 
on, or the :tell verb of certain players you want to spy on, of even the 
:notify verb, and dump all info into a database-object-thing. You can use 
FUP to write it out into a non-MOO file, or if you fancy trouble, try to 
extract it from the .db file :-)

If you /really/ want it to happen during checkpointing, you should
create/alter #0:checkpoint_started() (or _finished()), and make it initiate 
the dump routine. 

You could, alternatively, hack the MOO server itself, the notify routine 
to log the messages, and the dump routine for writing it away... But, 
only do this if you know what you are doing, and beware even then. 

Hacking servers is what the Devil gave MUDders, and look howmany MUD/MUSH 
versions there are :-) MOO is good code, so good it frightens people when 
it crashes (that hardly happens in the MUSHes i know. MUSH crashes, "duh, 
who cares, lez start up again then.") and hacking in it yourself might 
remove a lot of stability from it.

> Another question I have is how to set up the domain of access to
> a MOO.  I used @make-player to create a character for someone
> outside the immediate domain and I receive a message indicating that
> it could not create/send mail since the account was not allowed as
> an acceptable host (or some such).  The character is created, however.
> I have checked the various black/grey/redlists.

> Thanks for any help you can provide.

Hm, not much i'm afraid... But it probably has to do only with the 
sending of email to the user... like you didn't compile with network 
enabled, or you forgot to put $ to true (1)... Or you might 
have problems with the mailserver (check out $network for the settings)

Hope it helps a bit.


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