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FUP, ftp (was, can LambdaCore support WWW?)

Christopher Unkel wrote:
>2) You could install the File Utilities Package (FUP) and save directly
>to the file.  (Has the FUP been updated for 1.8.0?  Anyone?)

Yes, FUP version 1.8 for MOO 1.8.0 is available from -

>(Incidentally, connecting to an FTP server really isn't practical, since
>nobody's done the work make MOO speak the FTP language.  It would
>probably be easier to write a daemon that spools the incoming stuff to

Not quite correct. Both MOO-as-an-ftp-client and MOO-as-an-ftp-server have
been implemented already. Both have been discussed in this list quite a
while ago.

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