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FW: new quota system

> This is just absolutely not how to implement a money system.  Quota is
> a resource limit for programmers, not a VR commodity.  They are simply
> not interchangable concepts, period.
hehe I don't know, I think Inflation and DB bloat go hand in hand ;)

There have been a couple MOOs that attempted to simulate economy.  I quit going there because they also wanted to simulate real life.  Heh, heh.  I am, however, enamored of the concept of a loose-themed MOO in which quota is money.  Programmers would charge "parenting fees" to allow others to create kids of their objects.  The results would be interesting; the desire to maximize return on investment would motivate programmers to scend to new heights of efficiency.  :)

Unfortunately, I no longer know the addresses of those economy MOOs, nor do I even know if they are still around.

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