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Guests on the MOO

Many thanks to the people who responded on the issue of MOO security.  
I've got another question:  Because our MOO will be used by secondary 
school students, we need to provide a secure and safe environment.  I 
would like to only allow guests to look, access help, and navigate 
through the MOO.  All other commands would be disabled for visitors.  What 
would be the easiest and most secure way of doing this?

Oops, one more question, I have three processes running when the MOO is 
up.  Is this normal? If not, how can it be corrected?  (I have the latest 
version of LambdaMOO running on a Silicon Graphics machine under Irix.) 

Thanks again for all 
your help!


Brian Murfin  

New York University
239 Greene St.
220 East Bldg.
New York, NY 10003

Office phone:  (212) 998-5205
Fax:           (212) 995-4049



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