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Re: [MC] Multiple Inhertiance

--- Christopher Unkel wrote:
C++ uses the scoping operator for this We could do the same thing here --
if a verb wants to pass() to a specific ancestral version of itself it 
would specify obj::(verb)()... which would generate an error if obj was 
not an ancestor of the object, or verb was not the same as the verb running.
Calling in this manner would preserve the usual things that pass() does-- 
specifically, the value of "this".
--- end of quoted material ---
AAAaahhh!  Making new built ins and hack-and-slash patches to the server
is one thing.  Editing the whole parser is something I don't want to be
messing with until = "Pavel Curtis"!  Sorry.  I suppose if this
becomes liked enough to want the additional flexibility, I could try to
do this.  Besides, the core I am invisioning features many objects with
very few verbs on them.  This would minimise the problem.



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