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Re: [MC] Multiple Inhertiance

On 11 Apr 1996, Jefferson M. Dubrule wrote:

> AAAaahhh!  Making new built ins and hack-and-slash patches to the server
> is one thing.  Editing the whole parser is something I don't want to be
> messing with until = "Pavel Curtis"!  Sorry.  I suppose if this
> becomes liked enough to want the additional flexibility, I could try to
> do this.  Besides, the core I am invisioning features many objects with
> very few verbs on them.  This would minimise the problem.

*chuckle*... I was going to put in a joke about who wanted to hack the 
parser to accomodate this...

You could replace it with a built-in function, named something like 
pass_to(), in which the first argument is the object to pass to, and the 
rest are the args to call it with.  (The scoping operator isn't really 
appropriate for this case, either, since it unecessarily forces the 
programmer to specify the name of the verb to pass to, which must already 
be know...)

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