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Re: anonymity in moos

>One alternative which pops to mind is to make anonymity a privelege: Users
>remain anonymous until someone reports they are abusing it (and the criteria
>for abuse should be clearly stated somewhere prominent).

... as well as the level of proof required.

>Then they go on probation for a time (possibly permanently), losing their
>anonymity (and possibly other priveleges).

... or should be given the option to leave.

>If you set clear guidelines for use which are approved by a sufficient
>majority of your users, then no one can (justifiably) complain about unfairness.

... and bear in mind grandfathering, and not outing email addresses of people
who gave their addresses while confidentiality was the rule.

MediaMOO's public-email policy had gotten at least one person unsolicited nonsense
email.  I don't keep my identity a secret, and some freak called me at my office
one day.  Be very careful with this.  If you've got abusive users, DEAL WITH THEM.
One really sucky trend on MOOs these days is to look at abusive users and say, 
"Gee, we've got abusive users.  Perhaps I should reconsider redefining all my
rules and providing a mechanism by which we could resolve the issues raised..."
when the correct (IMO) thing to do is go "Oh, you're an asshole?  Ok, bye." and
promptly @toad the jackass.  People who come to your MOO intending to make it
or its inhabitants unhappy don't have any right to expect to remain welcomed.

Seth / Blackbriar
Seth I. Rich -
                                 There is nothing more precious than
Rabbits on walls, no problem.    a tear of true repentance.


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